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Nature’s Superfoods Organic Acai Berry Powder (Freeze-Dried)


Nature’s Superfoods Organic Acai Berry Powder (Freeze-Dried)

Brand Name: Nature's Superfoods

SGD 13.05 Per Unit

The Amazonian Super Berry

Category of Product: Health & Wellness

Company Name: ACTSPAND PTE. LTD.


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The Acai Berry contains considerably high anthocyanin antioxidants (higher than blueberries for example) as well as beneficial omega fatty acids (3, 6, 9). It also contains vitamin A & vitamin C and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Acai Berry Powder (Freeze-Dried)
Country of Origin: Brazil
Packaging: 80 packets per carton
Ordering Information
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Carton(s)
Processing Time:1 Day(s)
Port of Embarkation:Singapore
Payment Option: T/T

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