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SMF i-Sprint Product Authentication

SMF i-Sprint Product Authentication

Quick and Easy Way of Checking Product’s Authenticity Have you ever wonder whether the products you have purchased are the ‘real’ products from the manufacturers, especially with many news on fake products arise in the market recent years?

Wonder no more, Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), a trade federation for manufacturing related businesses across industries in Singapore, is offering consumers/ product buyers a SMART app to help you instantly scan and check whether the product you are purchasing is real or fake.

You do not need to have special skills or knowledge to do the checking, what you need to do is to launch the SMF SMART and scan the products that bear the ‘Scan for Authenticity’ QR Code label.

How does it Work?

1. Download SMF SMART APP

2. Register for a User Account

3. Once logged in, please launch the scan function

4. Scan the QR code on the product for information

5a.After purchase, you can immediately peel off the top layer to scan the hidden QR code to check authenticity. If it is originally from the manufacturer, you will see congratulations message.

5b. If the scanned message is beware, please report the case to the shop for a replacement.

*images used are for illustration purpose.

Where to Download?

SMF SMART App is available for download from App Store and Google Play Store.  Please click on the icon to start the download.

For enquiry, please contact Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) at

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