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Working In Partnership

The WIP (Working In Partnership) programme aims to introduce Singapore food products to Overseas Retailers/Importers with direct shipment in a consolidated effort among the participating food manufacturers.

Under this programme, the benefits to Singapore food manufacturers are multiplied many times more than what a company could achieve alone. The participating companies are able to enjoy economies of scale from shared resources, minimise risks and earn better marketing mileage from industry-specific branding like Tasty Singapore. The Overseas Retailers/Importers also enjoy a hassle-free, one stop consolidation of quality Singapore food products from a single trusted source.

The WIP programme is supported by International Enterprise Singapore and Spring Singapore under LEAD fund and managed by Singapore Manufacturing Federation.


Overseas Retailers/Importers

Why Singapore

With a strong sense of integrity and a rich diverse culture, Singapore F&B industry is reowned worldwide for its dedication to produce quality and safe food. Armed with winning products backed by state-of-art technologies, stringent regulatory checks and food safety accreditations, Singapore F&B industry is determined to bring the best flavours anywhere in the world.

Convenience and Savings
One-Stop Consolidation: ONE consolidator, ONE purchase order, ONE shipment. A trusted Anchor Partner will be appointed to help you liaise with various exporters / brand owners. This means you can enjoy savings from lower purchase price, lower logistics / handling cost as well as lower banking charges.
Wide Variety, Low MOQ
With low MOQ (Minimum Ordering Quantity), simply pick and ship a wide variety of SKUs into one container. This allows you to arrange for more regular shipments, directly to your nearest port. Choose from hundreds of Chilled, Frozen and Grocery products.

Singapore Food Manufacturers


WIP News & Events

Food and Hotel Asia 2016 (12 to 14 April)


WIP programme has already started in some supermarkets in Thailand and Myanmar. We have received many positive feedback and results from both the participating supermarkets and Singapore companies. 

Click on below links to view the photos & video of some of the past WIP events:


If you have any enquiries or wish to list your company’s products under the WIP programme, please contact:

Ms Michelle Zheng or Ms Lorelle Ang
Tel: +65 6826 3000

or email us via our contact us form.

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